Kankuama - Artesanas de la Sierra

"In our community, we mainly create Fique (agave) mochilas for everyday use with a range of sizes meant for distinct uses. It takes 5 to 8 days to create a mochila depending on the design, the size, and the stitches that are used. However, the process of the mochila actually starts long before weaving.
First, the Fique plant must be planted and grown to maturity, a process that takes between 5 to 7 years. Once the leaves are harvested, the spine is removed and the fiber is extracted by beating it until the fibers are pure. Then the fibers are spun into thread and dyed primarily with natural dyes from native trees. This whole process happens in the community, giving a unique identity to our bags.” 
 - Sandra Maestre Martinez, Kankuama artisan and leader of Artesanas de La Sierra.