APROARPECC: Association of Artisanal Processors of Estera Palm from Candelaria, César
APROARPECC was created to maintain traditions and obtain an economic means to support the families of Candelaria. They are a group of artisans who strive to get ahead in life: mothers, fathers, children, and friends who express their thoughts and emotions when weaving Estera palm.
The idea for the association was born from the loom of life, an experience that is built with a group of artisan women who have the desire to undertake a process of community organization and activation, based on the social and cultural.
They are women and men artisans of the palm mat of the Candelaria Cesar district located in the municipality of Chimichagua, over the years we have been able to turn unfavorable situations into personal improvement with the desire to move forward.
They have learned the craft of “tejeduría” or weaving, since they were children. It is a family tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Today they strive to share their knowledge with the youngest to maintain their traditions.