About Us

Wild You Handmade Founders with Inga Awaska

Founders Stephanie Logsdon and Lohengrin Jaramillo with Nestor Jacanamijoy and Luz María Tisoy of Inga Awaska during the Festival of Pardon.


When you travel to a new place, you have to spend a lot a time in a place before finding the hidden treasures, often going off the beaten path to connect with the community. Then there was 2020… who did any travelling? And the artisans that heavily relied on tourism, what’s happening to them? 

Wild You Handmade was started to give you a connection to incredibly talented Indigenous and non-indigenous Women Artisans in Colombia. By bringing fun, bright accessories with vibrant symbolism right to your home we hope you’ll feel that same joy and connection when finding the most unique craft and learn about its symbolism.



The name Wild You is inspired by the Wayuu indigenous community whose mochilas are internationally known. 

Being wild is about expressing yourself freely with vibrant colors and designs that come from artisans who’ve dedicated their lives to their art.

You do wild you in the way that feels best to you.  That doesn't mean it has to look necesarily "wild", but we DO believe the more color the better!

Wild is supporting communities and traditions, not corporations. 


 Wild You Handmade Founder Stephanie Logsdon


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