Taller Inga Awaska

The Ingas are an indigenous community from Sibundoy Valley, in the department of Putumayo. The art of weaving has been passed down for generations and includes textile and beadwork. Most designs are inspired by the chumbe, a sacred woven belt worn to protect the womb. Inga Awaska is an artisan collective led by couple Luz María Tisoy and Nestor Jacanamijoy.  
Their home workshop is located in the urban part of Santiago, which is the first town at the entrance to the Sibundoy Valley, Putumayo, and the Amazon. The workshop was born 11 years ago with the purpose of helping Inga families dedicated to working in bead weaving. Casa Taller Inga Awaska: home workshop of INGA WEAVING has taken that tradition and has sought to innovate in design without losing the style of their people. Beaded weaving has characterized the Inga People.
In their workshop, the awaskas (designs) taken from the Inga chumbe (a sacred woven belt) have been transferred to the bracelets and the new objects for personal use such as bags and necklaces that we have created in the workshop. They want to stand out as a workshop innovating every day, being an example in the use of color together with the symbols of Inga chumbe. The workshop has grown significantly over the years, supporting more than 25 families.
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