Artesanías Tule Kuna

My name is Tuminel Santacruz Montoya, director of Artesanías Tule Kuna. We help our Indigenous artisans and their families from the Kuna community of Caimán Nuevo in Urabá Antioqueño to generate more income to improve their quality of life, many of whom are mothers who are heads of household. I also promote the conservation of our culture through seeing the Mola not only as traditional dress, but also as a means to generate economic income with their sales. 
This project was born from the moment when I had an accident, which prevented me from continuing with my employment contract, and from which I am recovering after 3 years of medical treatment, for which I decided to undertake this project, to share our worthy traditions and culture with the world.
Our team is made up of women weavers-artisans from the Ipkikuntiwala – Caimán Nuevo indigenous reserve, in the municipality of Necoclí and Turbo, in the Urabá region. They are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, and wives who carry the ancestral legacy of the Tule Kuna culture, through the weaving of wisdom.
Also part of our work team is an administrative staff made up of technicians, technologists, and professionals, who support the work of management, mediation, service, production, finance, and distribution of creations.

About the Molas

Molas, made of labyrinth-like geometric designs as well as animal and plant guardians, are important for protecting against negative forces. This is a tradition that has been passed down by the elders of the Tule Kuna community.

The Tule Women create Molas by cutting and sewing designs into layers of colorful fabric. The Mola is traditionally worn by women, using an identical Mola on the front and back of their torso as protection not only for themselves but also for their whole family. Molas transmit love, peace, tranquility, and fraternity among all beings in nature, including animals and plants. The bright colors are very important to emanate joy and love. 

Support Artesanías Tule Kuna by decorating your home with a protective Mola: