The Wayuu live in La Guajira, the northeastern coastal tip of Colombia through northwestern Venezuela. They are the most numerous indigenous group in Colombia with over 380,000 members. For generations Wayuu women have practiced weaving, making traditional hammocks for sleeping and bags of all sizes to carry their belongings. The Wayuu are known as the people of the sand, sun, and wind. 

For the Wayuu, the traditional method of crocheting a bag (mochila in Spanish, susu in Wayuunaki) is with one thread. The stitches are tighter and finer allowing for more intricate designs. The process to create a large mochila can take up to a month. The straps are woven and do not stretch. Overall the traditional mochila is lighter than the modern version. 

When you invest in a traditional mochila you are helping to preserve the art of the Wayuu culture.