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Five Unforgettable Experiences of the Carnaval del Perdón in Sibundoy Valley

The Carnival of Forgiveness (English), El Carnaval del Perdón (Spanish),  Bëtscnate (Kamentsä), and Atun Puncha (Inga):  all of these names are used to represent what Kamentsä and Inga peoples say in their own languages is “The Big Day”.  Both the Kamentsä and Inga  indigenous communities call Sibundoy Valley home. Although they have distinct origins, they both celebrate this day. The Kamentsä have their big day in the town of Sibundoy, and the Inga have theirs in the smaller town of Santiago, both ocurring on the days before Ash Wednesday.  When my husband and I were planning a trip to visit our artisan partners in Putumayo, they welcomed us to come during this grand celebration where they forgive one another for all...

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Three Inga Symbols (that you may be wearing right now!)

  Hello Friends,  Wild You Handmade is approaching its first birthday as an official business. Last year came with a lot of milestones, and we want to continue that growth into 2022. We’re not talking about just growth in a traditional sense of more sales… but an emotional growth where we listen more, learn more, and share more about the cultures of the artisans we work with. After lots of thought on how to start the new year off right, I thought it was most appropriate to take a look at some of the vibrant symbolism that you find in the beaded jewelry made by Inga Awaska.      Inga Awaska is led by Luz Maria Tisoy and Nestor Jacanamijoy,...

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