Arte Colibrí Artesanías

The Kamentsä are an indigenous community from Sibundoy Valley, in the department of Putumayo. The art of weaving has been passed down for generations and includes textile and beadwork. Arte Colibrí Artesanías is an artisan collective led by Gilma María Agreda. Here's what she has to say about their culture and work:
"Continuing to give life to our sacred teachings, ancestral customs, proud of our native lands and of our mother tongue, today we keep alive those native indigenous footprints and inspiration that with each stitch of weaving is reborn from generation to generation and is a virtue that we thank our Kamentsä community.
The inspiration for my Kamentsä community has always been in the beings of nature. For them there are symbols dedicated to the water, the sun, the moon, the frog, the trees, mother earth, the woman, which are represented in the fabrics that we wear and use daily.
Through my Kamentsä culture we invite you to let creativity flow and adhere to the values ​​of our peoples and to revive the traditions that are still transmitted from generation to generation".

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